About us

Who We Are

Scope is an online community created by a group of entrepreneurs who are concerned about the economical status of Nigeria and the effect on the Nigerian youths. We understand the frustration of job seeking and the challenges accrued with starting a business in the  country. This we know we have been there. 

We provide you with information, job opportunities and platform for investment and sponsorship.

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What We Do

We take away the stress and frustration of rigorous job searching and opportunities seeking people face. We provide a platform where you can apply for jobs matching your skill. 

More than 90% of people who wants to go into business in Nigeria today but have failed to start attribute their failure to lack of capital or sponsorship. People with brilliants ideas can barely do anything about it because they lack funding. This is why we have launched the Scope Business  Forum. A forum that is dedicated to entrepreneurs sharing and pitching their ideas while investors can invest in a promising business.

We have a platform for travelers and explorers too! If you are interested in visiting places planning to take a vacation (either foreigner or local) we introduce to you Scope Listing. Scope Listing is a website where you can surf all the states in Nigeria from your PC or mobile devices.